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“Future-proofing your IT.”

Your business will die if your IT sucks! It is true now more than ever. If anything, the pandemic sped up the digital transformation of every business regardless of the industry vertical. You MUST to implement modern technology solutions that can help improve business objectives.

Modern applications are going through full-stack renovation. From Monolithic, services based architecture to micro services based, API enabled, AI/ML infused, containerized, Kubernetes enabled, cloud hosted, hyper scale applications are hard to build and even harder to maintain, manage, monitor and keep up.

In this video chat/podcast series, industry veteran Andy Thurai  discusses with industry thought leaders, strategists, business leaders and IT practitioners on the right way to do digital transformation. Topics include,

  • Infuse AI to transform your reactive IT to proactive IT.
  • Improve IT efficiency using AI, ML, cloud, and other emerging tech.
  • Operationalizing AI/ML models with proper governance, security, privacy and scalability.
  • Productionalizing AI/ML models. Avoid struggles with losing as high as 80% of models getting lost in translation.
  • Get visibility into the entire digital business using Observability, AIOps tools.
  • Understand the newer technologies coming down the pipe, and be prepared for it.
  • Learn how the digital power houses implement their entire business on cloud and still pay a lot less than most enterprises.
  • Discuss struggles faced by ITOps teams to keep up with the constant changes in the micro services world.
  • Use Observability instead of just monitoring your applications.

Video Chat

Report: Key Criteria for Evaluating Cloud Observability

Report: Key Criteria for Evaluating Cloud Observability

An Evaluation Guide for Technology Decision Makers by Andy Thurai and David Linthicum Summary The concept of observability has evolved over the, ...