About Us

Experts that are Independent, Authoritative, and Opinionated.

The Field CTO is an advisory services firm. We specialize in providing content production, customer advisory, assessment workshops, vendor tool assessment, and product advisory services.

Our analysts are specialists in the emerging tech areas and are well known for their research and analysis of emerging technologies, strategic advisory and customer advisory. Our experts have spoken at many conferences, analyst briefings, and vendor events. As part of the engagement, they may get paid for travel, expenses and time. This never influences our judgement, decision and recommendations. We try to be fair and neutral while making customer advisory/recommendations.

The Field CTO is founded by Andy Thurai. Thurai is an accomplished IT executive, strategist, advisor and evangelist with 25+ years of experience in executive, technical and architectural leadership positions at companies such as IBM, Intel, BMC, Nortel and Oracle; he advises many start-ups; and he is a Steering Committee Member for AIOps Exchange. He has been a keynote speaker in many major conferences, as well as host of many webcasts, podcasts and video chats. He is a regular Forbes contributor, and has written 100+ articles on emerging technology topics for publications such as Forbes, AI World, VentureBeat and Wired. Andy Thurai can be reached on Twitter at @AndyThurai, or on LinkedIn.