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Achieving Reliable Observability Part 1 – Making Cloud-Native Observability More Robust

Originally published in on March 30, 2021 I was having a conversation with a CxO level customer as part...
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What is AIOps? – AI for IT operations explained

Every business now depends on IT. Efficient IT Operations is mandatory for all businesses, especially those operating in a hybrid...
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Comprehensive observability is core to future-proofing your IT infrastructure

Observability is an emerging set of practices, platforms, and tools that goes beyond monitoring to provide insight into the internal state of systems by analyzing external outputs. Monitoring has been a core function of IT for decades, but old approaches have become inadequate for a variety of reasons—cloud deployments, agile development methodology, continuous deployments, and new DevOps practices among them.
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Report: GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability

Summary Observability is an emerging set of practices, platforms, and tools that goes beyond monitoring to provide insight into the...
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AIOps vs Observability vs Monitoring – What Is The Difference? Are You Using The Right One For Your Enterprise?

This article was originally published in Forbes on Feb 2, 2021 In the last few months, I have been analyzing...
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Report: Key Criteria for Evaluating Cloud Observability

An Evaluation Guide for Technology Decision Makers by Andy Thurai and David Linthicum Summary The concept of observability has evolved...
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Data Summit Conference: AIOps The Savior for Digital Business Unplanned Outages
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Andy Interview at the 2020
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Stateful Serverless & Enterprises Webcast with Nimbella
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Services Offered

Content Services

The Field CTO is a trusted brand to create powerful content that appeals to decision-makers in enterprise IT. We can help produce and get your message in front of decision-makers with large IT enterprises. 

We offer sponsored content production targeted towards senior technology decision-makers and influencers. 
* Blogs, Articles.
* Webinars.
* Podcasts.
* Video chats with your customers.
* “Future-proofing IT” video chat.
* Customer content videos.
* Whiteboard explainer videos.

Enterprise IT Advisory

Digital transformation is very tricky. From building cloud-native applications to full-stack observability to keep the systems running smoothly, there could be so many places things can go wrong. Our expert analysts can look at your architecture, tools used, and assess your unique situation and make recommendations based on knowledge gained from digital enterprises that work well.

* AIOps assessment workshop
* Observability assessment workshop
* Enterprise IT technology roadmap assessment
* Cloud readiness assessment
* IT infrastructure quick assessments

Speaking Engagements

Our industry veteran speakers have delivered keynotes at many industry conferences, vendor conferences, user group meetings, webinars, virtual conferences, and private invite only CXO level conversations. Our “storytellers” can articulate the problem and how to solve them when they face it, which they are not foreseeing yet. This is key when you are in a “new market development” emerging technology area where your customers are not facing the problems yet.
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Lightboard Videos
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